Camps told to stay clean to keep swine flu at bay

The state has issued new recommendations to day camps in an effort to prevent them from becoming the next breeding ground for swine flu.
The New York State Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control have told camps to ensure campers are washing frequently before touching their faces or food. When sinks or soap are not readily available, camps have been advised to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Routine cleanings of doorknobs, faucets and handrails are also suggested.
The Suffolk County Department of Health held a two-hour meeting last week with day camp operators across the county to discuss the new recommendations.
Dr. Aaron Glatt, CEO of New Island Hospital and a member of the Infectious Disease Society, says common sense will also help prevent a swine flu problem at camps.
"If a camper is sick, they shouldn't go to camp," he says. "If a staff member is sick, they shouldn't go to camp."
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