Cafe with a cause to open in Northport

A new cafe that's set to open in Northport Saturday is more than just your average coffee shop.
Cause Cafe will provide job training and opportunities to young adults with disabilities. It was founded by Stacey Wohl of Northport, whose 18-year-old daughter Brittany and 16-year-old son have autism.
"When my children were little I was extremely depressed about what their future was going to hold and what would happen to them," Wohl says. "There are very few companies that hire especially kids like mine, and if they do they're not in the public."
The cafe is located on Fort Salonga Road and will serve breakfast and lunch. Most of the workers will be volunteering or interning, while others will be getting paid and working for tips.
"You can go anywhere and get a cup of coffee; when you come here and get a cup of coffee, you are helping to change someone's life," Wohl says.
The shop is set to open May 7.