BX special ed student denied transportation

The mother of a special education student from the South Bronx claims her son has been forced to stay home instead of attending school because he was denied transportation by the Department of Education.
Andres Fabian, 14, has a genetic developmental disorder that prevents him from getting around on his own. However, the boy?s mother, Anna Torres, says officials at Dewitt Clinton High School on Mosholu Parkway expect Fabian to travel to school by himself, since she cannot accompany him every day.
?I don?t know what to do,? Torres says. ?I need help. He hasn?t been to school since it started.?
Fabian?s mother says she presented school officials with numerous documents and medical evaluations that back up her request to provide her son with supervision on his way to school.
The boy?s physician also submitted a personal note along with his recommendation for transportation, stating that, ?Andres cannot read a neighborhood map, has difficulties remembering his own address and does not know how to use the Yellow Pages directory in an appropriate manner.?
According to a school evaluation of Fabian, the boy can participate in all school activities with appropriate supervision, which makes his family wonder why officials at the Department of Education expect him to take public transportation unsupervised.
?I?m afraid something is going to happen to him,? Torres says.
Torres adds that she is currently seeking legal help to deal with the situation. A spokesperson for the Department of Education says officials are also looking into the matter.