Brookhaven Elementary School PTA leader resigns over threatening online post about Biden

A PTA leader has been ousted over a threatening Facebook post directed at President-elect Joe Biden.
A Facebook post made by PTA Vice President Nicole Zimmermann says, "I will never respect Biden or Harris. I know what kind of people they are for. I hope they shoot him."
Suffolk police say they are now investigating the inflammatory post, which led to Zimmermann's resignation.
News 12 tried to speak to Zimmermann, but she refused. Her mother, however, did speak.
"She apologized, OK? And she didn't mean what she said," says Zimmermann's mother. "She's not going to do anything to Biden, go away."
No one from the South Country School District would speak on camera, but Superintendent Dr. Joseph Giani released a statement, saying, "Please be assured that the hurtful and inappropriate comments made by a PTA Vice President are not the opinions of the district, and the district in no way agrees with them."
The post also prompted an open letter from the state PTA, saying, "There has been, and will continue to be, absolutely no place for hate, bias, or violence in PTA."
The Board of Education released a statement, affirming its commitment against systemic racism, intolerance and social injustice.