Brookhaven agrees to pay $250K fine over emissions from landfill

The Town of Brookhaven has agreed to pay a nearly $250,000 fine over emissions from its landfill – ending a decade-long fight over complaints about foul odors and sicknesses. 
The EPA and the Justice Department claim the town violated the Clean Air Act by failing to monitor and control the release of gases, including sulfur dioxide – which officials say has a foul odor and can pose a health hazard.
Mary Burks, who lives in the shadow of the Brookhaven Town landfill, says it might be making her 6-year-old daughter sick.
“She's always complaining of stomach aches,” says Burks. 
Adrienne Esposito with Citizens Campaign for the Environment says the settlement doesn't go far enough.
“This minuscule fine really doesn't reflect the problem associated with landfill toxic gases escaping and going into the community. The town has a great responsibility to protect the public health,” she said.
No one from Brookhaven Town agreed to speak with News 12 on camera. Officials released a statement that said they had already completed certain requirements, including the installation of a new device to control emissions and the operation of an air treatment system.
"While EPA and DOJ have alleged violations of air quality requirements, the town has not admitted any liability with respect to the allegations," the statement reads.
A group of teachers at Frank P. Long Intermediate School filed a state lawsuit, claiming that emissions from the landfill gave them cancer and other illnesses. A report, however, from the state Health Department recently said there was no cancer cluster at the school.
The landfill is slated to close in 2024 when it is expected to reach capacity.