Bronx residents rejoice over Obama victory

Bronx residents rejoiced Tuesday night and all day Wednesday after the presidential election results declared Barack Obama the winner.
Newspapers were sold out, the energy level on the streets was high and people all over the borough expressed excitement, joy and hope for the future administration.
?It?s about change,? Bronx resident Dennis Scherrod says. ?It has nothing to do with race. People of all races and creeds [came] together. I think this is a monumental move forward??
In addition to residents and students, a professor of African studies at Fordham thinks President-elect Obama is the perfect representation of the American people.
?He?s a rainbow of identities,? Dr. Mark Naison says. ?His father was African, his mother was from the Midwest, he was raised by his grandparents and he lived in Indonesia. That's America. That's the Bronx.?