Bronx mom demands school step in and stop bullying

A Bronx mother is demanding officials at her son?s school step in and control the bullying he experiences every day at P.S. 214.
Elsie Rivera claims her 13-year-old son, Jose Perez, threatened to hurt or kill himself because of the physical and mental abuse he has endured each day at school for the past three years. Rivera has requested several times that her son be transferred to a different school, but officials at P.S. 214 have yet to act on her appeal.
Rivera says her son is classified as a special education student and that other students bully him relentlessly, causing him to fear going to school. Rivera hired a lawyer to help her communicate with the Department of Education and achieve her goal of transferring Jose to a different school.
Experts say school yard bullying should be promptly dealt with to avoid what could become a life-threatening situation. The DOE says it is ?investigating the allegations and taking the matter very seriously.?