Bronx communities rewarded for keeping streets clean

A report about new street cleaning procedures in the Bronx says some communities will be rewarded for keeping their streets clean.
According to officials, sections of Community Board 8, including Riverdale, Kingsbridge and Marble Hill, will have new street cleaning schedules as a reward for keeping their neighborhoods clean. Residents will only move their cars once a week for street cleaning, rather than twice. Commercial areas in the community will need to be swept four days a week, instead of six, and residential areas will be swept once instead of twice a week.
The west Bronx is only the second section in New York City to have changes made to its cleaning schedule. Community Board 8 presented officials with a study showing how clean the streets are.
Officials say the new procedures will cut the amount of air pollution and the number of parking tickets in the area.
The community board will vote on the proposal Jan. 13.