Brentwood man disfigured in attack thanks doctors for a second chance

A Brentwood man who suffered horrific injuries to his face was back at North Shore University Hospital Friday to thank doctors and staff for his reconstruction surgery.
Luis Rios was involved in a road rage incident in July. He was driving home from work with his friend when he says a car cut him off. Rios, who was in the passenger seat, says the man in the other car approached him and started hitting him in the face with a crowbar.
Rios lost his nose in the attack and had trouble breathing and sleeping. He even lost his sense of smell for a while.
Luckily, doctors at North Shore University Hospital were able to perform reconstructive surgeries to help give Rios a second chance at a normal life. Rios was referred to Dr. James Bradley, who says he performed full nasal reconstruction using tissue from Rios' ribs.
"Most importantly to Luis, we were able to repair his function," says Dr. Bradley. "Now he can breathe, he can sleep."
Rios is a veteran who served in Afghanistan, so doctors performed the surgeries for free. Doctors say he has one more surgery to undergo.
"Pretty upset at the uncertainty of not knowing what's gonna happen," says Rios. "Now knowing that I actually have a nose. Knowing that I have the support of Northwell helping me out with everything. I'm happy I can smile I can laugh. Enjoy the small things in life."
Rios says the man who attacked him was never found.