Brawl captured on video after William Floyd H.S. graduation

A large brawl followed the graduation ceremony at William Floyd High School Sunday afternoon, and a witness caught much of the chaos on camera.
Video posted on Facebook by Lorenzo Saez shows two young women fighting before other people begin punching and kicking them. As the tensions rise, other fights break out. The video garnered more than 400,000 views by Monday afternoon.
"I was going to the parking lot. I was standing in the front and taking pictures. And people just started fighting," Saez says. "First thing I do is pull my phone out, so I caught everything. It was crazy."
Bianca Bouchard, a Mastic woman whose face is covered in blood in the video, says she is pregnant.
"My sister and the girls that we got into the altercation with, they had previous problems," Bouchard says. "I just got caught up in the mix, trying to defend my sister. I got busted in the head with a heel."
She says she and her baby are OK.
"We are disappointed by the actions of those who instigated the incident on what was a joyous occasion for our students and their families," the school district said in a statement. "District officials have met with law enforcement and we are pressing charges."
Officials went on to say that it was a "small number of spectators" who were involved in the melee.
"Many of our students are headed to the finest colleges and universities in the world, will serve honorably in the armed forces or begin the initial steps of their careers after learning valuable skills in one of our career and technical education academies," the statement continued. "Graduation day is about them."
Suffolk police say they arrived at the school Sunday to respond to a report of a fight, but they did not make any arrests at the time, and the crowd dispersed. Police have seen the video and are investigating.