Boy afraid to return to class after teacher's comment

A second-grader from Freeport says his teacher told him during class that she was going to shoot him last week and now he?s afraid to return to school.
Six-year-old Jihad Prunty says his reading teacher, Ms. Colagiacomo, told another teacher she would shoot the boy if he didn?t take his reading journal out right away.
The Archer Elementary School reading teacher admitted to police that she said to another teacher ?Will you tell Jihad to take out his journal before I shoot him??
Teameia Prunty, Jihad?s mother, says she called the school to discuss the matter but that school officials refused to meet with her. Prunty, then, called police. According to the police report, Colagiacomo told officers she realized ?the statement was not proper to say in the presence of children."
The teacher has issued an apology and the district says it is working on resolving the situation.