'Blurred too long.' Museums list locations as Garden City, but census shows they're in Uniondale

The discrepancy has been around for decades and has garnered focus again due to a clue that was on "Jeopardy!"

News 12 Staff

Jun 11, 2022, 2:41 AM

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There are renewed calls for some Nassau County museums to change their addresses from Garden City to Uniondale.
The discrepancy has been around for decades and has garnered focus again due to a clue that was on "Jeopardy!"
The question referenced Nassau's Museum Row, saying it's in Garden City.
Jeannine Maynard, a long-time Uniondale resident, says the hamlet is being unfairly excluded by institutions like the Cradle of Aviation Museum, the Long Island Children's Museum and the Nassau County Firefighters Museum.
According to the census, the museums are all in Uniondale, a neighborhood that is 35% Black and 40% Latino.
However, on their websites, the museums claim to be located in Garden City, which is 85% white.
"These are cultural and educational and economic assets of the Uniondale neighborhood and if they're separated off in identity then people perceive Uniondale as being something other than what it is," Maynard says.
Alana Petrocelli, of the Firefighters Museum acknowledges the error, saying the museum is physically in Uniondale, but the United States Postal Service would say they are a Garden City mailing address.
There is a plaque that says the museums are protected by the Uniondale Fire Department, but Petrocelli says the post office won't change it from Garden City.
"It's unfortunate we were assigned that and there's nothing we can do to do that," Petrocelli. "I say that I'm probably protected by the Uniondale Fire Department."
Maynard says the spaces need to be understood as being part of the Uniondale community and that its identity has been "blurred too long."
Other landmarks like Nassau Community College and the Roosevelt Field Mall are located in Uniondale but have Garden City addresses.
News 12 reached out to Nassau County and the USPS for comments but has not heard back.

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