Black Friday shopping tips for LI bargain hunters

Black Friday shopping tips for LI bargain hunters

With Black Friday deals upon us, there is a lot to keep track of while shopping. Fortunately, News 12 Long Island's Rich Barrabi has some shopping tips to make sure your haul is an inexpensive, but successful one.

One thing to note is that the guest services desk sometimes has additional coupons for establishments in malls. This could potentially cut your bill a little more, or lead you to some deals you wouldn't have taken advantage of otherwise.

Shoppers should always know their credit limits, otherwise you risk waiting on line only to attempt to pay and be denied.

Check all of your receipts and keep them in the same spot for easy access. Sometimes a deal may not go through, or you may even find that you spent less on an item than you thought, and you may want to go back and pick up some more.

Simon Malls, such as Roosevelt Field, also have a free app that highlights some of the expiring and upcoming deals.

When shopping for kids, you may have some trouble finding age-appropriate toys. This year's hot items for kids include the Disney Infinity video game, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and various dolls and action figures.

As the day goes on, more and more people are entering malls and stores. Some customers tell News 12 Long Island there were so many people they weren't able to get what they were looking for.