Bellone: Suffolk met decline in new hospitalization metric on May 11; 14 consecutive days needed

  • On May 11, Suffolk met the Phase One reopening metric for decline in new hospitalizations.
  • With May 11 as a starting point, Suffolk would need meet that metric for 14 days on a three-day rolling average.
  • There were 26 deaths caused by COVID-19 on Tuesday. The county's death toll is 1,680.
  • There were 243 new positive cases in the county - total 37,305 confirmed cases.
  • There have been 4,705 total tests in hot spots. 4,386 people have received their results. The total positive was 1,595. That's a positive percentage rate of 36.4. The overall county rate is 31%
  • The Air National Guard says a search and rescue plane and two rescue helicopters assigned to the 106th Rescue Wing will conduct a flyover across Eastern Long Island on Friday, May 15 to salute health care, essential workers and first responders dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. More information.
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