Bellone: Number of COVID-19 hospitalizations have gone down for 1st time Easter Sunday

-"Easter is still here and that message is still here," Bellone said.
-Bellone went to the field hospital that is being built at Stony Brook University Sunday morning. He says he spoke to workers and thanked them for being there on Easter Sunday. He said the workers said "this is where we need to be."
-Bellone said Easter is the first day hospitalizations have gone down from 1,658 Saturday to 1,614 Sunday. 
-160 patients have been discharged within the last 24 hours.
-The number of deaths have gone up by 60 in 24 hours - 518 people have died in the county in total.
-Less than 1 month ago, there were no deaths in the county.
 -Mobile testing is canceled for Monday due to expected high winds, severe weather.
"We need much more data" before deciding when to reopen, Bellone said. "We're still in the phase where we're fighting to save people's lives."
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