Bellone issues safety reminder as new Suffolk COVID-19 cases hit 'highest we have seen in some time'

County Executive Steve Bellone gave a COVID-19 update after new coronavirus cases jumped slightly more than has been seen in the region in previous weeks.
Briefing Notes:
- 84 new COVID-19 cases, infection rate at 1.9%. Bellone says 'that is the highest we have seen in some time.' 42,112 total cases.
- Bellone says the higher numbers have led him to remind residents about social distancing guidelines. Cautions people to get tested, and while waiting for results, to be safe.
- Bellone: 'It is very important to share your information with people you've been in close contact with when the Department of Health contacts you...the information you provide is critical in stopping the spread.' Says he isn't prepared to say contact tracing hasn't worked as he hoped, adds that it has improved over time.
- Bellone says if you attend a gathering where social distancing guidelines aren't strictly adhered to, to pay attention to symptoms, but also take precautions because of asymptomatic spread.
- Says 'other numbers look very good.' Hospitalizations drop down to 40 for first time since March. 14 patients on ICU beds.
- Bellone 'very happy to report' second day in a row with no deaths from COVID-19 in Suffolk. 13 COVID-19 hospital discharges.
- Finishes talking about a report from the state comptroller about the fiscal situation that Bellone has talked about many times. Report says sales tax collection drop over 30% in May. Report says federal assistance will be needed, along with local action. Bellone says layoffs should be the last line of action taken amid the fiscal 'crisis' and resolutions are in place that "professional advocates" are trying to avoid the public from voting on.
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