Beaches, pools open for Independence Day celebrations with virus-related restrictions

Residents are expected to flock to Jones Beach and pools today to celebrate Independence Day.
People were seen on the boardwalk early Saturday morning to stake out their spots on the beach. Others were seen out walking, running and biking.
Park officials have also set up sanitizing stations along the boardwalk.
Officials are telling residents to wear masks when they can't socially distance on the boardwalk and when they use the restroom. People are also being asked to stay 10-feet away from other groups while sunbathing, and 6-feet apart when swimming in the water.
Lifeguards are on duty at the beach and observing social distancing guidelines. 
Capacities at five different Nassau County pools are being drastically cut in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.
The Cantiague Park pool usually fits 1,800 people, but only 800 people are being allowed in.
The biggest change this year will be the lack of fireworks shows to avoid people crowding together in one area. There are also social distancing ambassadors and park rangers to remind people of the rules.
Long Island State Parks spokesperson George Gorman says people are still coming to the beach in large numbers. The bridge at Robert Moses State Park had to be shut down to keep half-capacity.
Most Long Island residents say they are just happy to be outside and taking part in normal summer activities this holiday weekend.
Officials say residents should remain vigilant in all activities they do.
If enforcement is needed, state park police can be called.