Barstool Sports helps Seaford restaurant struggling due to pandemic

Barstool Sports has reached out to a Seaford restaurant to provide it help during the pandemic.
Amy Breidenbach, the owner of Bayview Tavern, says she got a much-needed lifeline.
Internet celebrity Dave Portnoy, from Boston, started raising funds this month to help struggling restaurants. Breidenbach says she got a call from Portnoy on Saturday offering to help.
Breidenbach sent an email to Portnoy's website, Barstool Sports, telling her story about her business and her struggles through the pandemic.
She says she sought assistance everywhere she could, including applying for the government’s Payroll Protection Program.
When she saw Portnoy’s announcement looking to help, she responded right away.
Breidenbach says she had low expectations, so when she found out she’s getting help, she was still surprised.
She says this will now help her pay the bills.