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Babylon High School graduate alleges she was sexually abused by former teacher and coach

The former student says does not want to press charges but wanted to tell the story to prevent it from happening to someone else.

News 12 Staff

Nov 11, 2021, 3:24 AM

Updated 923 days ago


A graduate of Babylon High School says she was groomed at a young age and then sexually abused by a former teacher and coach.
The former student, Brittany Rohl, says it started at the Long Island high school and then developed into a toxic, controlling relationship while she was in college.
She kept it quiet for 10 years but was inspired to speak out after another teacher at Babylon High School was recently removed from the classroom.
"It felt like he was introducing me to the adult world," Rohl says. "But he was really just using me for his own purposes."
She says she was 16 when she first met her track coach, a man in his mid-30s, who would later become the focal point of her life.
Now, 28, Rohl recently sent an eight-page letter to the Babylon School Board providing a detailed timeline, including when she claims the grooming began, an inappropriate text at the senior prom and the first time the two engaged in sexual intercourse immediately after her 18th birthday.
The relationship continued when Rohl went to college, and she says it quickly became toxic.
"It was very controlling," Rohl says. "He monitored me in an hourly basis."
The teacher has since left Babylon High School, but it's not clear when.
The school districting wrote in a statement, "This person is a former employee. As we receive information, we will provide to outside special counsel who will be looking into the matter and updating the Board of Education and superintendent."
However, a couple of weeks ago, a different teacher was removed from the classroom because of "disturbing allegations."
Rohl says it's a pattern in Babylon.
"There are people in that building working with children today who must have known," Rohl says.
She says she does not want to press charges but wanted to tell the story to prevent it from happening to someone else.
The school could have had a legal responsibility to act if they suspected something was not right.

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