Teen with autism who was missing for 13 hours found in Islip

The teen was located at Brookwood Hall Park in Islip at 2:30 a.m.

News 12 Staff

Nov 20, 2020, 12:03 AM

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A teen with autism has been found after spending more than 13 hours out in the cold.
Officials say the 16-year-old boy went missing from Islip High School at around 1 p.m. Wednesday.
Officials say the boy left his phone at home and left a note at the house that said he wasn't coming back.
The note kicked off a massive search, which included first responders, community members, and the teenager's classmates.
Pictures of the young man were also circulated on social media and a helicopter equipped with forward-looking infrared aided in the search.
VIDEO: The moment when the teen was found using a helicopter equipped with forward-looking infrared.
Around 2:30 a.m., an Islip park ranger went into some brush at Brookwood Hall Park near Main Street and found the missing boy.
The overnight temperature in Islip got down to 22 degrees, which tied a record low.
Neighbors say they're relieved he was found after a more than 12-hour search.
Police say the young man was taken to the hospital for evaluation, and News 12 spoke with a family friend who said everyone is shaken up, but otherwise they're doing OK.
The teen's dad expressed intense relief, saying, "I held my son like the first day that I had him, when he was born 16 years ago. With the community, the police department, the fire department and God, we found him safe."
Islip Park Ranger Anthony Lagrastra says when the boy was reunited with his parents, the father came up to him to give him a hug.

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