Aspiring football player benefits from mentoring program

A Long Island teen girl who dreams of one day playing professional football has linked up with a member of the New York Sharks as her very own mentor. 
"Jo," 15, lives at the Family & Children's Association's Lakeview House for adolescents overcoming emotional obstacles. It recently teamed up with Long Island Youth Mentoring, which reached out to Sharks wide receiver Brilynn Fields, who meets with Jo at least one or twice a week. 
"I feel good when I am talking to her, like she's my big sister," Jo told News 12
Fields called it an honor and privilege to work with the teen. 
"It's awesome to see her, in this short period of time, watch her imagination light up," said Fields. 
Jo told News 12 that she wants to be like Fields when she grows up – playing football and mentoring kids her age.