Police: 3 arrested after 22 unregistered guns, materials that could make explosives found in Farmingdale home

Three people have been arrested after police, arson and bomb squad detectives spent much of Wednesday at a home in Farmingdale.
Police were called to the Staples Street home to check on the well-being of a resident Wednesday. The anonymous 911 call claimed that one of the people inside was "out of control." Once inside, the person of interest was located, along with two other subjects.
"He was out of control and threatening to shoot himself," says Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. "Upon arrival, the 8th Precinct police officers were able to verbally de-escalate the situation."
Police say officers observed various chemicals in liquid and powder form, numerous firearms and a book titled "The Preparatory Manual of Explosives Fourth Edition, Volume 1."
Police ordered everyone out of the home, and after a search warrant was acquired, the Arson/Bomb Squad, Emergency Services Unit, Narcotics and the FBI entered the home.
After an extensive search, police say they recovered 22 unregistered firearms, 148 grams of an unknown narcotic believed to be cocaine and various pills and numerous chemicals that can be used to create explosive devices.
"The materials in that house that were recovered by our arson bomb guys is enough to make six well-sized bombs that could have been used against the public," says Ryder.
Ryder says of the 22 firearms, 11 were unregistered handguns, seven unregistered assault weapons, and four unregistered revolvers that were self-made, two of which were defaced.
Daniel Petrizzo, 33, Tiffany Pawson, 32 and Eddie Fernandez, 35 were arrested and hit with a long list of charges, including multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and reckless endangerment.
Specific information into the case was not released until over a day after police were originally called to the scene. When asked why they did not tell the public what was happening, Ryder said, "I don't know, I'll get an answer to that."
Before his arraignment Thursday, Petrizzo denied he was making bombs.
"There were no bombs - no bombs - just a chemistry set," he said.
Meanwhile, Petrizzo's neighbor was shocked by the allegations.
"Nicest guy in the world, best neighbor," says Steve Kontchegulian. "Superstorm Sandy, half a tree fell on my house, he was over there, took it off, cut it up, took it away. Just the nicest guy in the world, and I'm just devastated, I really am, he's amazing."