Appellate court grants stay to keep indoor mask mandate in effect

The indoor mask mandate for New York will remain in effect after a New York Appellate Court judge's decision Tuesday afternoon.
The judge granted a motion to stay the decision of the state Supreme Court judge's ruling on the mask mandate.
On Monday, a state Supreme Court judge in Mineola struck down the mask mandate, saying that it was unconstitutional and in violation of state law.
In a statement released after the stay was granted, Gov. Kathy Hochul said in part, "I commend the attorney general for her defense of the health and safety of New Yorkers and applaud the Appellate Division, Second Department for siding with common sense and granting an interim stay to keep the state's important masking regulations in place."
The lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the case against New York said in part, "the judge got it wrong entirely."
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says he is still confident the original order striking down the mandate will eventually be upheld once it reaches the end of the appeals process.
"Governor stand down, you are going against the will of the people," Blakeman says. "Parents want the right to make choices regarding their children's health care and education and we are not in crisis, by every metric, we are not in crisis, especially here in Nassau County. We have plenty of hospital beds."
According to the attorney general, the mask mandate will stay in effect until the appellate court takes further action
In the ruling Tuesday, the judge says he expects the case to be heard before an appellate division panel in a few days.