Appellate court blocks judge's ruling to redo NYC 2023 education budget

New York City's education department is now able to move ahead with its planned budget cuts for the upcoming school year.
On Friday, a state Supreme Court judge ordered the city council to redo its 2023 education budget. Today, an appeals court has temporarily blocked that ruling, which means the $215 million in cuts go back into effect.
The case is expected to be back in court at the end of August, which is a little more than a week before city students and teachers will be back in the classroom.
A city hall spokesperson released a statement to News 12 saying, "We are pleased that the court has agreed with us that we are allowed to move forward with our current spending plans. As Mayor Adams said, schools will open on time in September and will have the resources they need to ensure our students thrive next month. We will continue to defend the city's budget process."