Antibody testing becomes more widespread across Long Island

Several urgent care facilities are now offering antibody testing on Long Island. But because the virus is new, and so is the testing, there are still a lot of unknowns. 
The FDA is granting what's called emergency use authorization for the testing -- that's not the same as being FDA-approved, which takes much longer to happen. That is according to Dr. Robert Levy, from American Family Care Urgent Care Facilities.
Anyone who is currently sick with the virus or think they have it should not get the antibody test because it won't give a diagnosis.
"The folks who are going to benefit from this are those who either tested negative despite having some symptoms or those who never had symptoms at all but were concerned about a past exposure," Levy said.
Tests that involve a blood draw and not just a finger prick will be more accurate.
If you're going to get tested, keep in mind that antibodies can take up to 14 days to develop.
Doctors say something else to remember is no antibodies doesn't mean you were never exposed. Testing won't prove a person has immunity to COVID-19, either.
Levy says he hasn't heard that insurance companies are not covering the test. People will need an appointment at an AFC clinic. The test is available now in West Islip and by the end of the week at the locations in Farmingdale and East Meadow.