ALS Ride for Life group making journey across LI

<p>It was perfect weather Saturday for participants in the ALS Ride for Life event.</p>

News 12 Staff

May 5, 2018, 9:20 PM

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It was perfect weather Saturday for participants in the ALS Ride for Life event.
The 12-day journey across Long Island to raise awareness about the condition was organized by Christine Pendergast. Her husband Chris was diagnosed with the disease 25 years ago.
While some drive the distance, Paul Weisman, who has ALS, is walking every step of the way.
He left from Riverhead on Monday, and stopped in Stony Brook Saturday with the rest of the group.
"I walked from Riverhead to here. And I'll continue to walk into Manhattan. As long as I can walk, I'm going to walk. And as long as I can talk I'm going to use my voice for those who can't," Weisman told News 12.
At Stony Brook University, the group held its annual "Pinwheel Ceremony" where 6,000 pinwheels are displayed. They each represent a person who has passed away from ALS.
"We might not have found the cure for the 6,000 people represented in our Field of Hope. But every day, someone is diagnosed. Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed," said Christine Pendergast of Miller Place.
Ride for Life has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. The group gave a $300,000 check to the neurobiology department at Stony Brook Saturday.
The Ride for Live ends on May 12, when participants cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Elizabeth Hashagen will have special coverage of the Ride for Life later this month.

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