All Long Island schools closed for 2 weeks starting today amid coronavirus outbreak

As the number of cases of coronavirus continues to rise on Long Island, schools in both counties are closed for the next two weeks – leaving many parents scrambling.
The closure pertains to all students from kindergarten to 12th grade across both counties.
The announcement was also made that New York City public schools, the largest public school system in the country, will also close until at least April 20.
Officials say they hope it will help stop the spread of COVID-19.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says under the order, all teachers and administrators will still have access to school buildings for things like lesson planning and distance learning.
The county is currently coming up with a plan to make sure all students have access to a meal.
As of Monday morning, the cases of coronavirus in New York stands at 950. In Nassau County, the count stands at 109, while there are 74 cases in Suffolk County.
New York City has reported five deaths due to the coronavirus.
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