ADL: Distribution of white supremacist propaganda doubled in 2019

The troubling trend of white supremacist propaganda has continued to rise, with college campuses becoming the main target.
One National Against Invasion, Holocaust Fake News and Diversity Destroys Nations -- these are just some of the slogans found on propaganda being distributed across the country.
According to new data released Wednesday by the Anti-Defamation League, distribution of such propaganda doubled from 2018 to 2019 and nearly tripled in New York.
According to the ADL, dozens of groups distributed flyers and leaflets. They say Patriot Front, American Identity Movement and the New Jersey European Heritage Association were responsible for 90% of it.
"It's a way to recruit individuals into their midst," says Alex Rosemberg, of the ADL. "It's a way to normalize the messaging."
Rosemberg calls them all "equal opportunity haters."
ADL officials say 25% of the incidents reported were at college and university campuses.
"Everyone should be concerned because the underlying factor here is hate against every single group that's not white," says Rosemberg.
Mary Grace, of East Northport, says the rise in hate is sickening but not surprising.
"The climate of the times ... people aren't afraid to say stupid things like that," she says.