Adelphi offers special services to students on autism spectrum

Adelphi University in Garden City has developed a program for students on the autism spectrum to aid them in becoming successful college students while moving forward toward their careers.
The Bridges to Adelphi program offers one-on-one social, organizational and vocational support services that are designed to help students transition from high school to college. 
Ryan Serchuk, a junior at Adelphi University, has made the dean's list every year and hopes his grades and his skills will land him a job. He is majoring in communications with a minor in graphic design. 
For Ryan, who was diagnosed with autism, drawing and creating is no big deal. But other skills, such as socializing and time management, are challenging. He says the Bridges to Adelphi program helped him. 
"They are able to help me organize and take care of more-difficult work, while at the same time outside of the academic, it helps me to socialize with my friends," says Serchuk. 
The program has 100 students enrolled and features a lounge where students can hang out between classes. It also helps students obtain important internships and employment opportunities.