ACS launches summer safety campaign to help keep kids safe

As summer begins, the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) is having front-line specialists help get the message out on a new campaign to keep kids safe.
"This summer is certainly different than last year," said ACS Associate Commissioner Rodney Jackson. "We are coming to the end of the pandemic where families have been basically sequestered, quarantine in their homes for over a year and so they missed last summer. The weather is beginning to become warmer; NYC is opening up and now individuals are now going outside. So, we want the summer to be fun, but we also want the summer to be safe."  
Jackson hopes the new radio ad campaign grabs people's attention. These radio ads are produced in English and Spanish and feature Frontline Child Protective Specialists, like Michael Tamayo.
"My family has called me, text messaged, 'I heard your message on the radio, you were on the radio.' And I ask them, 'What did you hear?' 'Oh, you were talking about safe sleep.'"
A message that could save a life, like reminding parents to look before you lock your car, especially in hot weather.
They are also pushing for safe sleep and want all families to know they are there to help.
You can get that help by calling 3-1-1.