AC repair workers in high demand during sizzling summer heat

Air conditioning repair workers are in high demand these days with the temperatures soaring in some parts of the island well into the 90s.
Jordan Gelber, of Stan Gelber & Sons, is a third-generation air conditioner installer and technician. He says his crews are booked solid as the stretch of scorching heat continues.
"We're working seven days a week," says Gelber.
Gelber says new installations are backed up for weeks as they focus on helping those who might be more susceptible to extreme temperatures.
"It definitely becomes an emergency, older people, people with disabilities, young people, babies," says Gelber. "If there's no cooling in the house it's an absolute emergency for us to get there."
This heat can take a toll on people in ways that they hadn't necessarily expected.
One Long Island doctor says it's important to know the warning signs of overheating in this weather and offers ways to keep cool.
Dr. Lauren Block, with Northwell Health, says she recommends that people take a cool shower before bed to help reset the body temperature.
Block says to remember that hot air rises, so maybe sleep on a lower portion of the home.
Meantime, Gelber says if you're on a waiting list you can still receive a loaner AC system while you wait.
Gelber also recommends that people test their AC systems in the spring before it gets too hot.