AAA: 2022 had the most fatal senior driver crashes since 2013

A new report by AAA Northeast says there were 214 fatal crashes across New York state last year involving drivers 65 and older. AAA says that's the most there's been since 2013, when there were 230 fatal senior crashes.
AAA says failure to yield was the largest contributor, followed by improper lane changes, unsafe speed and distracted driving. AAA says senior drivers were also involved in over half of all fatal crashes where illness or loss of consciousness were involved.
"Older drivers aren't necessarily worse than their younger counterparts," said Robert Sinclair, Jr. of AAA Northeast. "In fact, AAA research shows that seniors are likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. But due to physical frailty, they are at greater risk of being killed or seriously injured if a crash occurs."
AAA says the United States now has over 49 million senior drivers on the roads. During Older Driver Safety Awareness week this, AAA Northeast is encouraging seniors and their families to have conversations about driver safety.
AAA recommends senior drivers review new technologies, monitor health when it comes to things like eyesight and memory, adjust driving habits when necessary and wear seatbelts. 
Older Driver Awareness Week runs Dec. 4 through Dec. 8.