5 candidates vie to become Oyster Bay supervisor

There are now five candidates in the race to become supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay.
They are current Supervisor Joe Saladino, a Republican who was appointed to the position earlier this year, Woodbury Democrat Marc Herman, who is also a former Syosset school board president, John Mangelli, running on the Reform line after almost getting elected two years ago, Jonathan Clarke, a former Democrat who is now running as part of the Progressive Bull Moose Party, and Robert Ripp, an independent and frequent critic of the town's leadership.
A major issue is ridding the town of corruption.
"You think five is a big number, right?" asks Newsday columnist Joye Brown. "It's five candidates running in a town where there are 11 current or former officials, current or former vendors, either indicted, convicted or somehow tied to official corruption in Oyster Bay."
The aftermath of all of those corruption charges in the longtime Republican stronghold is leading many voters to say it's time to clean out Town Hall.
But the abundance of choices may benefit the Republican candidate Saladino, Brown says.
"In this instance, you're going to splinter the vote," she says.
Voter turnout is expected to be low since this year is an off-year election.