4 busted for allegedly bilking $100K in workers comp

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says four people have been arrested for allegedly scamming nearly $97,000 in workers? compensation payments.
Officials say 66-year-old Vincenzo Papasidero, of Glen Cove, was captured on tape lifting the same heavy materials he claimed caused his back injury. According to officials, Papasidero has been collecting disability for the past 13 years, claiming he was injured on the job at Papasidero Marble and Tile Corporation in Mineola. Rice says he has collected more than $22,000.
"He clearly is not suffering an injury that is keeping him from continuing a job,? the district attorney says.
Papasidero?s family, meanwhile, maintains Vincenzo is injured. His lawyer calls the charges utterly baseless.
Three others have also been busted for workers? compensation fraud, and Rice says an arrest warrant is out for a fifth individual accused of fraudulently collecting $5,000 in benefits.