3 simple hairstyles to try while in quarantine

Whether you want to try something different or need some self-care, these hairstyles are simple and quick to do.

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May 1, 2020, 5:04 PM

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With hair salons closed, it can be tough to get motivated to style your hair. But hair styling doesn’t have to be complicated – and it could even boost your spirits while in quarantine.
So whether you want to try something different or just need some self-care, here are three hairstyles from Margherita Bifulco, manager of Up & out Salon, that are simple and quick to do at home.
Beach Waves
What you need: Big curling iron, texturizing hair spray
How to do it: Section off your hair to curl; once curls cool, brush through your hair with your fingers – make sure to use spray when you’re done.
French Braid
What you need: A hair tie
How to do it: Start at the top with three pieces of hair, cross one over the other and gather hair as you go down your head. Start tight and loosen it up, if you’d like. Bonus: this could give you a shoulder workout!
Messy Bun
What you need: A thick scrunchie
How to do it: Start with a ponytail; loop your hair around through the scrunchie and secure; keep it loose at the top and pull fly-away hair around your face for a softer look.
And for those looking to touch up their roots before heading back to the salon, purchase or order a root spray. This will keep your hair looking beautiful and hide those grays.
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