3 crafts to keep your kids entertained on sunny days

We’ve been quarantined for a little over a month, and the kids won’t be going back to school for another few weeks. You might feel like you’re running out of options to keep the kids entertained and engaged.
Here are a few crafts from Meaghan Murphy, content director of Woman’s Day magazine, to help your family stay connected while having fun.
Chalk art mosaics
All you need is chalk and some tape. Lay the tape on the ground and have the kids color in the spaces in between.

Shadow art
Raid your kids’ toy box and grab some animals. Place them on top of paper in the sun and have the kids trace the shadows. Color them in later for some added fun.
DIY flowers
Grab some cupcake liners and a popsicle stick or twig. Take three liners, fold them in half a few times and cut some ‘petals.’ Glue it onto the stick and fan it out for a flower.
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