2 Nassau bus drivers claim discrimination

2 Nassau bus drivers claim discrimination

Two Nassau school bus drivers claim they faced discrimination by a local bus company because they were taken off their routes after years on the job.

Don Roberts and Oscar Ramiro say they were let go after they supposedly failed physicals conducted by doctors hired by Baumann and Sons Bus Company, of Oceanside.

Roberts, who wears a hearing aid, says he failed a whisper test. Ramiro says he has a walking impediment. Both say they were told by a manager that they could no longer drive buses because of their conditions.

Roberts and Ramiro say they were discriminated against because of their disabilities. Both men say their family doctors gave them physicals and say they are healthy enough and certified to drive a school bus.

The drivers say that in the beginning of January, their former company, Atlantic Bus Company, was bought out by Baumann and Sons. That's when they say managers ordered all bus drivers to have physicals performed by one of the company's physicians. They claim they were then told they were disqualified to drive buses.

Both of the men say they quickly found new jobs with other bus companies.

Baumann and Sons has not returned News 12's calls for comment.