2 LI women aim to help abused animals

2 LI women aim to help abused animals

A pair of animal lovers from Suffolk County is on a mission to help abused and neglected creatures after hearing the heartbreaking tale of a dog that was severely beaten last week.

Tracey Kuhn, of West Babylon, and Sandy Schulze, of Blue Point, were in disbelief after hearing about a dog that was beaten with a baseball bat.

Police say Steven Errante, of Dix Hills, was behind the animal abuse. He has since been arrested.

Schulze says her brother, who's a police officer, responded to the incident and called her for help. Schulze contacted her friend, Kuhn, and the two of them set out to help immediately.

The pair set up a Facebook page to raise money for the lab mix so she could receive the veterinary care she desperately needed. They raised more than $5,000 in a few short days.

Sadly, as News 12 Long Island reported yesterday, the dog's injuries were too extensive and she had to be euthanized.

Kuhn says she visited the dog and had seen it coming. "She just really laid there very broken, both physically and emotionally."

Now, Kuhn and Schulze are on a mission to raise money for other abused and neglected animals. They are going to continue the Facebook page in honor of the beaten dog so they can help support other animals that are the victims of abuse.

"I don't know how to stop people from doing this, so now all we can do is help the animals that do fall victim to the human hand," says Kuhn.