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19th Annual Latino Film Festival in Sag Harbor highlights talent of Hispanic filmmakers and actors

The 19th annual Latino Film Festival begins Thursday night at Sag Harbor Cinema.

News 12 Staff

Sep 15, 2022, 9:57 PM

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The 19th annual Latino Film Festival begins Thursday night at Sag Harbor Cinema.
The theater is the first of three iconic East End venues that will put the spotlight on Latino films in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.
"There's something for everybody in this film festival and, of course, for film buffs like me, you'll want to see every single film," explains Sandra Dunn, associate director of OLA of Eastern Long Island.
OLA of Eastern Long Island is the presenter of the film festival.
Dunn and fellow OLA members helped to select four films that highlight the talent and creativity of Hispanic filmmakers and actors.
"People tend to have a very different picture of the Latin community, and to show these films, we will show that we are a very artistic, very rich in culture," says OLA of Eastern Long Island's Alma Tovar.
"The film festival not only celebrates Latino, Latin American and Spanish art, film art, but also to celebrate our community and the diversity of our community here on the East End," Dunn says.
The title of this year's festival is "Truth, Beauty, Faith and Magic," which reflects the themes of each of the four films featured.
The films are in Spanish with English subtitles.
"Silent Beauty," directed by Jasmin Mara Lopez, leads the lineup. The other films are "The King of All The World," "Clara Sola" and "Encanto."
The productions hail from Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and the United States.
"It just creates a space where people are exposed to different art forms in international film, and that's something we really want to celebrate," Dunn says.
OLA hopes people from all backgrounds will attend the film festival and be inspired by the rich Hispanic culture.
The Latino Film Festival runs through Sunday.
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