17 busted in 2 separate East End cocaine rings

Police say a yearlong investigation into drug trafficking on the East End has netted two suspected ring leaders, 15 others in custody and a stash of drugs, cash and guns.
Suffolk County police say the two separate cocaine rings busted in Riverhead were involved in high-level dealings.
Vincent Love, 45, of Riverhead, was arrested in Queens after allegedly buying a large quantity of cocaine. Investigators say Love would buy the drugs and sell them to Scott Baker, a primary distributor.
Investigators say they found a loaded shotgun at Love?s home and discovered an UZI submachine gun in a duffel bag with Love's name on it at another suspect?s house.
Salvatore Sapienza, 48, of Riverhead, is accused of running a separate drug ring. He allegedly sold drugs out of Sap Enterprises Auto Repair and a rented garage.
?I do think this is a major dent in the drug trafficking on the East End,? Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota says.
Spota says the investigation began after residents started complaining about suspected cocaine sales in and around Riverhead.
Love is being held on $500,000 cash bail. Sapienza is free on $20,000 bail while the investigation continues.