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10 must-have back-to-school supplies for 2019

Depending on who you ask, back-to-school shopping can be super exciting or a total bummer.

News 12 Staff

Aug 13, 2019, 5:46 PM

Updated 1,776 days ago


Depending on who you ask, back-to-school shopping can be super exciting or a total bummer. Notebooks, markers, binders; it can all get mundane year after year. But 2019 is putting the “cool” in “school” supplies with these must-haves for your kid’s best year yet.
Scratch-off notes
A secret surprise? Yes please! These cool note cards come with scratch-off stickers for a fun reveal. Whether its words of encouragement or a simple ‘I love you,’ your message is perfect for a lunchbox or backpack treat. Check these out from Etsy.
Weekly fridge calendar
The work week is about to get filled up with after-school games and rehearsals. Make sure everyone is on the same page with this dry erase magnetic calendar on Amazon. With black and neon colors, your schedule will be hard to miss! Markers are included.
Stand out with this stylish and simple backpack on Amazon that won’t kill your wallet. Having compartments is cool, but the game changer is the USB port.
Drumstick pencil
Any musicians in the house? These pencils double as drumsticks. Just play them very sparingly...you don’t want the teacher ruining all the fun (ba-dum-tss). Check them out on Urban Outfitters.
Mini staplers
Save yourself some space with a small stapler. With a few patterns and even more colors, it won’t feel like it belongs in a boring office.
Bento box
In Japanese culture, Bento boxes are lunches that are carefully put together to create a complete meal. But the portioned compartments make them practical for anyone, especially kids! These are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Pastel notebooks
Tired of the basic ROYGBIV notebooks? These pastel ones should do the trick, keeping the same simple vibes.
Sanitizing wipes and spray
It’s always good to have some germ killer handy (you don’t want to bring home the flu from that kid in science who was out sick last week). This cute little “Birdie” from OLIKA holds sanitizing wipes on the bottom and sanitizer sprays from its beak. It’s perfect for anyone on the go, and OLIKA says there are no harsh chemicals, dyes or artificial ingredients.
Erasable highlighters
For all the times you accidentally highlight the school textbook… Check them out on Paper Source.
Kids CamelBak
Let the kids hydrate in style with a water bottle that isn’t bigger than their heads. The CamelBak Eddy Kids Bottle is spill resistant with all sorts of cool prints and a flip-up straw.
Wanna get even simpler? Here are some basic, tried and true supplies for back-to-school shopping.

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