Youngsters offer splash of whimsy through bottle business, with profits going to help good causes

A group of eight neighbors between the ages of 7-14 started a business called the Dunstan Bottle Shop.
It all started when 12-year-old Cara Buglioni painted a recycled glass bottle to decorate her and her little sister Sammy's bedroom. She showed the bottle to her neighbor, 7-year-old Scarlett Lentini, who immediately asked if Cara could make her one, too.
Suddenly, the whole group of friends who typically spent their days playing with one another, were in on Cara's skill and developed the idea of working together to design and sell these bottles to others. 
Despite the age range, everyone plays an equal role in the business. While the parents collect recycled glass bottles, the kids go door-to-door asking neighbors if they'd like to buy a custom design for $2. The ones who say yes are then asked to choose a design and a set of colors. But the kids love when neighbors ask to "surprise them." They write down the upcoming orders in a notebook and get to work in Cara's backyard.