Woodbury senior community rails against PSEG as they await power restoration

Continuing power outages are putting seniors in a Woodbury community in potentially life-threatening situations.
Nearly 200 seniors who live at Woodbury Gardens Co-op have been left in the dark since Isaias passed through Tuesday. Their reactions to still awaiting power Friday were strong.
"Nobody cares - PSEG couldn't care less about a senior development," says Donald Epstein.
Several seniors are stuck in their second-floor apartments with no way to get down. Chair lifts are shut down, food is spoiling and medication is going bad, according to residents.
Joan Napoli, 86, has asthma and can climb the stairs, but says it is very trying.
"There's a gentleman that is 97 years old and he is upstairs, and he is trapped in his home and he can't get down," says Napoli.
State Sen. Jim Gaughran spoke with seniors. He previously called PSEG's response "disgraceful" and has continued to say the company has failed its customers.
"They don't seem to have a communication problem when they send out the bill and take money from everyone, but when they lose power they don't seem to get everybody up and running quickly," says Gaughran.
Napoli claims the company is promising restoration in timeframes that they haven't delivered during so far.
"One thing you should know - we are not just pinpoints on a map, we are people," says Lou Berman.
PSEGLI says it is restoring power as quickly and safely as possible, and said it will look at the situation in Woodbury and see what it can do.