Woman says landlord neglectful in Mount Hope fire

A Mount Hope woman who lost all she owned in a fire says she repeatedly complained about electrical problems in her apartment.
Tracy Woodall says when she returned to her Prospect Avenue apartment after dropping her kids at school Dec. 5, a blaze had ripped through her belongings. Woodall says the Red Cross gave her and her children shelter for a few days, but then she ran out of options.
"I called ? they told me my landlord is responsible for putting us up," Woodall says.
The building's management, Prospect Union Associates, allowed the family to live in an apartment next door to theirs. But Woodall says a conversation she had with a fire marshal is what concerned her most.
According to Woodall, the fire marshal said the fire started in her stove, which she had been complaining about for months. Woodall says she also told management about a leaky ceiling that was hovering over electrical outlets.
Woodall says she plans to sue her landlord for negligence and property damage.