Williston Park's Hildebrandt's fighting to obtain landmark status to prevent closure

Long Island residents thought they might be losing a beloved Williston Park luncheonette -- but its lights might not be going out just yet.
Hildebrandt's is a famous spot where families have come for ice cream. But this week, its owners announced they would be closing after 93 years because the landlord sold the building.
"We knew that it was going to come at some point because we are on a month-to-month lease for all these years," says manager Thomas Bauman. "But we didn't know it was coming this soon."  
But Bauman now says the new owner backed out of the deal, which he hopes will give then enough time to obtain landmark status to preserve the famous facade and everything inside.
A Change.org petition was started to save the shop, and now has about 9,000 signatures. Bauman says the support from the community has been unbelievable.
And on Friday night, patrons new and old came by to get a glimpse at the historic spot that they hope will remain.
"If they want to build something around it or on top of it ... but leave this undisturbed," says Eric Myers, of Manhattan. "It's a neighborhood landmark and kind of a treasure."
Bauman does say there is another potential buyer.
News 12 tried to reach out to the landlord, but so far calls have been unsuccessful.