William Floyd students head back to school amid bus dispute

<p>As News 12 reported, bus drivers, van drivers and assistants for special needs children lost their jobs when the school district chose a new bus company.</p>

News 12 Staff

Sep 5, 2018, 9:57 AM

Updated 2,108 days ago


The bus driver shortage in the William Floyd School District tested parents this morning, as students returned to school amid an unresolved school bus contract fight.
Samantha Carcione, a mother a five children in the district, had to make three separate drop-offs this morning since there was no bus transportation.
“I have to do the high school in the morning, the middle school and then I have elementary school. And it's a cluster…you know,” she said.
William Floyd hired Ronkonkoma based Acme-Baumann last month because their previous bus company had defaulted on its contract. As of this morning, there weren't enough bus drivers to transport all of the kids.
Local 252 Union bus drivers say they were let go when the district chose a new bus company. They say Acme-Baumann only wanted to employ some of the drivers at lower wages and higher union dues. None of them took the deal.
While some parents are taking the problem in stride, others were upset that the first day of school was not a normal experience.
“Nobody did pictures…because you were so worried about getting them there. Because we have to sit in traffic,” said Carcione. “…Are they going to reimburse us money to sit in traffic?”

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