'While we are social distancing now, ticks are not:' Tips to prevent ticks and Lyme disease

As much as we would like to explore the the outdoors, we have to be cognizant of the ticks out there.

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen spoke to Brian Kelly, of East End Tick & Mosquito Control, on how to prevent ticks and Lyme disease.

"The ticks are out, the ticks are biting, and we need to be aware. While we are social distancing now, ticks are not," says Kelly.
He says that the two top tips to prevent Lyme disease is to use tick repellent, and check for the creatures often when you are outside, when you come inside, and when you shower. And don't forget to check your kids and pets too.
Kelly says that because of the mild winter we had, they are expecting it to be a very high tick season.

Ticks like to hide in the creases of the body, says Kelly. So be sure to check behind your ears, your arm pits, your belly button, behind your knees, and your crotch, every day.