'We've been through this before' - Lindenhurst, Amityville assess the damage from Isaias' winds, flooding

How low-lying communities would fare during Isaias has been among the top concerns throughout the day.
In Lindenhurst, resident Stephanie Caracciolo could barely even stand and talk Tuesday afternoon as whipping winds came off the Great South Bay.
The end of the block on South Fourth Street was flooded by mid-afternoon, which is unusual according to longtime resident Linda Vanderhoof.
"We thought the high tide we would have flooding but not that ... so we've lost tree branches and two sections of my fence came down in the back," she says.
Just down the street, power lines were brought down, leaving Frank McCabe to direct traffic to keep cars away from dangling wires.
"I was standing in my garage watching it. I heard the crack... and it fell down," he says. "Everybody's got a generator here, we've been through this before. We've been here a long time."
Amityville residents say they lost power around 2 p.m. and are still waiting to get it back.