Water spout, funnel clouds hit North Shore

A water spout and several funnel clouds were spotted in areas along the north shore of the Nassau-Suffolk border Thursday afternoon as some wild weather pounded the area.
News 12 Long Island viewers captured photographs of funnel clouds in Huntington and Woodbury as well as video of a water spout in Lloyd Harbor around 1:30 p.m., which was confirmed by the National Weather Service.
Witnesses say the spout swept up sand as it swirled around the harbor. They say it only lasted about 5 minutes. It has not been confirmed whether the funnel cloud in Woodbury actually touched down.
A flash flood warning was in effect for northeastern Nassau and western Suffolk counties Thursday afternoon. The storms, which brought winds, heavy rain and hail, dissipated as they moved east.
Officials from the National Weather Service are advising commuters not to drive into areas where water covers the roadway.
Photo provided by: Mark Paolano Slide show of viewer-submitted weather images
This cell-phone video was sent to News 12 Long Island by Megan Diviney.
Todd Lewis, his 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, and her friend, Aslyn Libert, 14, were on a boat in Lloyd Harbor when they shot this footage from Sarah's cell phone.