4 stretches and exercises to relieve aches & pains

In these stressful times, it can be difficult to get out and exercise, let alone head to a physical therapist for help.
News 12's Amy McGorry, who has a BS and doctorate in physical therapy, is here to help with some stretches and exercises to relieve aches and pains. For any questions about the moves or any issues you have, click here to reach out to McGorry.
*Please be advised - you should not start any physical routine or exercises without consulting with your doctor*

1) Knee Slaps 
- Lift your right knee at a 90-degree angle
- Push your right hand into your right thigh
- Lift your left knee and tap with your left hand and then lower both down
- As you lift and lower your left knee, keep pressure on your right thigh
- Complete 10 reps three times on each side.
Lower Back Exercises
Sitting long days from home in a chair can take its toll on your lower back. 
Here are some exercises that may help maintain a healthy strong back while you can’t get into the physical therapy clinic. 

1) Bird Dog
- On all fours reach opposite leg and opposite arm 
- Keep stomach engaged with belly button in toward spine, but don’t hold a breath
- Hold 5 seconds 
- Be sure to not allow back to arch or hips drop 
- Do 20-30 reps 
Neck Pain Exercises
While at home working , many find themselves in poor slumped over postures at our desks. This can leave us with some achy necks. While many can’t leave home right now to see a physical therapist for treatment, there are some exercises you can do to address your neck pain.
1) Upper Trap Stretch
- Sitting up tall tilt ear toward your shoulder 
- Use same side hand to give a little over pressure pulling ear toward shoulder
- Hold 30 seconds so both sides 
2) Levator Scap Stretch 
- Sitting upright turn your nose toward the right knee
- Use right hand to pull head gently down toward the right knee 
- Hold 30 seconds do both sides
Dr. McGorry, PT,  has over 29 years of clinical and managerial experience both as supervisor of the sports and orthopedic PT department at Georgetown University, and treating sport and orthopedic injuries at Thrive Integrated PT in Manhattan. She also served as director of physical therapy at Plus One Fitness where she oversaw corporate physical therapy sites at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Bear Sterns and public sites at the World Financial Center and Soho. Click here for more.